Hot Chocolate……. in the summer?

Source: Hot Chocolate……. in the summer?


            WIFI is a real danger!

Through out time technology has grown, more people start to buy these new gadgets, not knowing the hidden risks.  I have no gadgets which uses the source WIFI.  New reports are coming out every day, proving that WIFI is a DANGER!!!!!! But NO ONE is listening, instead it just gets worse and more technology companies are coming out with more and more tech!

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As I said more and more science is coming out every day. Enough, to pull me out of school. My mum and dad did so much research they ended up fighting for us. Our school was planning a new build, WIFI came with the plans. Every other school in our area was WIFI, so we had no choice but to fight for someone to listen to us, and help us spread the word that WIFI IS DANGEROUS!

follow this link!

There are people on social medias trying to get people to listen. But no one will.

Read this article, it will shock you.

if you start campaigning we could save people from the dangers of WIFI